ABOUT Puf Hemp


In order to survive in the Utah hemp industry, Puf Hemp was born to help take Premium Utah Farmed Hemp Flower to market. Utah farmers are restricted from selling their own raw farmed hemp Flower to their own family, friends and our own Utah residents.

Puf Hemp works directly with Utah family hemp farms and assist them in bring their Flower to market through our online platform.

Dedicated to working with Family Farms 15 acres or less - we prefer quality over quantity. Having experience as a family harvesting and cultivating quality grown hemp for years we are passionate about the personal and un-altered hemp experience for our customers.

Growing and harvesting hemp is a big task

We understand the labor and Finesse it takes to cultivate, harvest and cure the hemp cannabis plant. In order to keep quality and the small family farms alive Puf Hemp chooses to not work with large corporation or farms that exceed 15 acres.

By purchasing Puf Hemp products you are truly supporting small Utah hemp farmers and family businesses.

A premium hemp flower company that strives for the highest quality hemp PRODUCTS.