Mountain Mango | Hemp Flower Pre-Roll



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Premium Mountain Mango Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls.  For maximum flavor and CBD potency our Pre-Rolls are rolled with whole flower buds, no shake, trimmings or biomass. We use 100% organic hemp paper and filter to wrap our hemp flower pre-rolls.

Packaging displayed is temporary, strain specific box packaging coming soon!

Our 2020 Mountain Mango CBD Hemp Flower, cultivated organically in the mountain valley of Payson, Utah tastes like it sounds, sweet and fruity like a juicy mango. This sativa dominate hemp cannabis strain, testing at 13.207% total cannabinoids, is a great all day flower. Beautiful light green flower with pink’ish orange hairs surrounded by CBD rich trichomes makes this flower a delight to Puf on. With terpene profiles a-Bisabolol, a-Humulene and B-Caryophyllene, Mountain Mango CBD Hemp Flower provides multiple health benefits such as: anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and includes antioxidants to support the immune system.  Mountain Mango CBD Hemp Flower is great for use in home-made topicals as well.