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Premium T1 Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls.  For maximum flavor and CBD potency our Pre-Rolls are rolled with whole flower buds, no shake, trimmings or biomass. We use 100% organic hemp paper and filter to wrap our hemp flower pre-rolls.

Packaging displayed is temporary, strain specific box packaging coming soon!

T1 a cross between Afghan Skunk and The Wife, a indica dominate strain testing at 17.279% total cannabinoids. The T1 hemp strain is becoming a classic in the hemp industry. We loved how easy this strain is to grow and low maintenance.  T1 produces thick branches with thick colas and grows well in all conditions, she’s drought tolerant, holds up to high winds and requires little to no nutrients. The entire 2020 crop at Ung Family Farms was started from clones, ensuring that only female plants were in the garden undisturbed by male pollen.

Generating beautiful flowers with no seed, covered in CBD rich trichromes. T1 has a sweet, skunky but earthy aroma, this flower is a crowd favorite. Great for stress, anxiety and depression and being a indica dominate strain great for pain, headaches, migraines and sleep aid.